POWELL DYNAMICS LTD - Audio Services Supplier

Providing Public Address for small stage shows, simple outdoor arena PA (where intelligibility is key), to full quality small festival sound for multiple bands on stage in turn.


Outside Public Address 

 Remebrance Service Outdoors   Outdoor Easter Service  Battery Equipment For when power is a problem      BBC Shopping Centre Event    

Indoor PA for Multimic sources up to 32 channels

 The Craic is Irish   Grapes Inn Slingsby Minifest         

Limited Lighting for special events.

 Diner mood lighting       



Based in Malton North Yorkshire.

Charity rates available.

Past customers include broadcaster coporations, Charities, Swaledale Festival (current).



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   Landline - 01904 898174

   Address - Palace Cinema, Chancery Lane, Malton, North Yorkshire. YO17 7HW


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